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EuroMarque Maserati share a passion for these ultimate Italian vehicles with our pride being reflected in the values that define the marque – innovation and transparency in customer relations. With the Maserati centenary celebrations behind us the growth of this legendary luxury and performance car continues to break records.

Maserati sales set a new annual sales record with the major drive for sales increase being that of the new Maserati Ghibli, proving to be a car for ever day enjoyment. Maserati’s exclusive range rising by 29.4 percent over 2015 with Maserati Ghibli sales up 62 percent. Maserati’s traditional sport cars also delivered an exceptional growth in 2015 with sales of theMaserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio increasing by a staggering 16.2 percent.    

The company has continued to go from strength to strength with increasing its accessibility to a new generation of Maserati buyers. This is personified through the arrival of the Maserati Alfieri and the Maserati Levante SUV in 2017.

As quantified by Glen Sealey, Chief Operating Officer of Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, “These results clearly show that Maserati is both holding to its core values of a unique Italian combination of style, performance and exclusivity and, at the same time is taking these values to new clients who until now will not have been able to enjoy the exceptional experience of Maserati ownership.”

As we enter a new era of accessibility for the legendary Italian brand while maintaining the iconic Maserati pedigree, Maserati continues to offer an unmatched combination of performance, design, luxury, and exclusivity. We welcome you into our new Fortitude Valley Showroom to experience the luxury and thrill of driving a Maserati.