Maserati Gold Coast - About us

A new Era for Maserati on the Gold Coast.

Maserati Gold Coast, part of the Autosports Group, is now open.

The opening of a new luxury dealership, here on the Gold Coast is worth the celebration, and for this iconic brand the timing is perfect. Maserati recently enjoyed 100 years of sporting history, and we are proud to introduce this state of the art, Italian designed showroom to Queensland.  A Maserati always is stylish with timeless design and craftsmanship. That's the Italian heritage. That is our DNA. It is the essence of the brand, and also the design of the new showroom. 

The new Gold Coast showroom is designed for customers to enjoy, view our superb performance cars, and enjoy the time and experience in design of that special Maserati. It will showcase the complete 2018 range, alongside a pre-owned showroom of prestige and exotic vehicles. It will be home to a world-class parts and service centre with factory trained technicians to ensure your car is in the best hands on the coast.

Maserati is a brand for those who enjoy life. And for those who like to enjoy the experience of performance motoring and the sensual pleasure which it brings.  Maserati will always to be a driver’s car, and one which makes the journey exciting and exhilarating. Maserati is not seen on every street corner, rather we are the opposite of ordinary - individual. Rarely seen….often heard.

We invite you into the new the showroom to experience this exhiliarating brand for yourself. 

Follow our journey through @MaseratiGoldCoast.