Motorsport - Racing Milestones

Alfieri wins the Targa Florio
It was in 1926 that the founder Alfieri Maserati won the first Targa Florio in the brand’s history. This victory was extremely important for Maserati, a source of pride and the well-deserved reward for all the development work behind the birth of the first all Maserati car, the Tipo 26.

Baconin Borzacchini's Speed Record
Baconin Borzacchini set the first record in Maserati’s history. In 1929, the Umbria-born driver set the world speed record on board his Maserati V4 during the Cremona flying 10 kilometres, achieving the almost incredible average speed of 246 kilometres an hour. 

Luigi Arcangeli wins the Reale Premio di Roma 1930.
The Maserati Tipo 26M, also known as the Maserati 8C 2500, won on its debut. It was at the 1930 Reale Premio di Roma that the Maserati Tipo 26M made its first appearance on the racing circuit, achieving victory with Luigi Arcangeli at the wheel.


Nuvolari in the 8CM
The story that led to Tazio Nuvolari’s victory in the fourth Belgian Grand Prix, held on the Spa Francorchamps circuit in 1933, proves Maserati’s absolute technical and technological dominance of racing in the early Thirties.

Wilbur Shaw Wins at Indianapolis
In 1939 Wilbur Shaw, a famous American driver, won one of the world’s top races, the Indianapolis 500, on board a Maserati 8CTF. This made the Maserati 8CTF the first Italian car in history to win this major American event.

1947 Modena GP: Victory for Ascari
The 1947 Modena Grand Prix saw the debut of the Maserati A6G/CS cars, driven by Villoresi and Ascari. This car featured major dynamic improvements, which put the two drivers at an advantage and helped them to victory in a tragic Grand Prix marred by a serious accident involving a number of spectators.

1954 Argentinian GP: Maserati 250F
In 1954 Maserati chose the Argentinian Grand Prix for the debut of a new racing car with tubular chassis and a 2.5 litre engine, the Maserati 250F. After a hard-fought race, Juan Manuel Fangio drove the Maserati 250F to victory on its debut, to general amazement.

Fangio Cominates the Nurbufgring in 1957
The 1957 German Grand Prix, on the famous Nürburgring circuit, was one of the finest races in the history of motorsports. Juan Manuel Fangio won a fantastic victory after battling back up the field in his Maserati 250F.

Willy Deatwyler
Willy Daetwyler competed in the 1957 European Mountain Championships in a Maserati 200SI. We won the first race of the 6 race championship and went on to win the title, becoming the first European Mountain Champion of the post-war period.

Stirling Moss Wins in Rouen in the Tipo 60
The birdcage chassis has gone down in the history of Maserati and international racing due to its undisputed technical excellence. For confirmation of this, we need only remember that Stirling Moss won in Rouen with it.

Maserati MC12: First Steps on the Circuit
Maserati returned to the world of racing in 2004 by entering the MC12 in the FIA GT championship. On the fifth of September 2004, with the championship already in full swing, Maserati officially returned to the track after a 37-year absence.

The Trofeo Maserati
At the end of the last century, Maserati had dropped out of the world of racing where everything began. However, in 2003 official racing began again with the Trofeo Maserati, which reopened the door to motorsports for the Modena brand.