GranCabrio MC - Technology

High-tech solutions that strengthen the concept of an open-top sporty drive

The GranCabrio MC turns heads instantly thanks to its stunning design that combines aerodynamics developed on the track with unrivalled elegance. Yet the technological solutions that make Maserati’s sportiest cabriolet of all a truly unique car actually lie below its handsome exterior. The famous Maserati V8 engine is controlled by an auto-adaptive six-speed gearbox, which detects and responds to the driving style and road conditions, while the suspension has a special setting.

V8 engine: roaring aggression or docility at the touch of the accelerator

The heart of the GranCabrio MC is the legendary 4.7 litre V8 engine. In keeping with the Maserati tradition, this engine features a series of innovations that make it incredibly powerful and flexible, so it can guarantee the smoothest of rides, not to mention excitement in spades, whenever the driver demands. Excitement delivered through amazing performance: 460  HP, top speed of 289 km/h.

The gearbox’s MC Auto Shift functions make the car even more fun to drive

The six-speed automatic gearbox features auto-adaptive software that automatically responds to the driving style and conditions, adapting the gearshifting mode accordingly. It uses MC Auto Shift technology, which operates in a variety of ways depending on the situation, making driving even more satisfying: in manual mode, the gear can be changed at any rpm up to the limiter actuation point.


The suspension has a special setup with stiffer dampers

The wishbone suspension system features a specific set-up with more rigid dampers and springs, while the Sport Skyhook system with continuously variable dampers is available as an option. When the Sport button is pressed, the car becomes more precise and reactive, but continues to absorb bumps in the road as it adapts to any conditions. The Maserati Stability Program (MSP) ensures more freedom of action.

Innovative Brembo dual-cast brakes ensure immediate response

The braking system makes the most of Brembo dual-cast technology with discs crafted from cast iron and aluminium. This brings the weight down by 15% to 20%, whilst also offering enhanced performance and less overall wear. The system comprises six-piston monobloc calipers up front and a four-piston unit in the rear, teamed with drilled, slotted discs: this particular design gives more predictable braking performance and reduces braking distance, especially on wet surfaces.