GranCabrio Sport - Exteriors

Unique details adorn the elegant lines, giving form to passion

The GranCabrio Sport’s beauty strikes straight to the heart. The new details that adorn the car’s lines give its elegance and style a more sporty imprint, the natural evolution, in true Maserati tradition, of the marvellous GranCabrio, the brand’s first four-seater convertible and the latest product of a rich tradition of open-top car construction.

Red trims for the most powerful

The new front bumper features two sinuous air intakes that run from the central spoiler towards the aggressive front light assembly, with its LED Daytime Running Lights. The famous radiator grille has black vertical fillets, while the usual Trident in the centre sports red details: a finishing touch only used on the most powerful models in the Maserati range.

Miniskirts to direct air flows

The standard miniskirts, available in black on request, have a pronounced shape that emphasises the exceptionally dynamic lines along the side of the car. As well as their stylistic role, these additions play an important part in the car’s aerodynamics. Combined with the shape of the mudguards, they ensure optimal air flow towards the rear wheels: an example of form serving function.

Black dominates the external trims for a tough, sporty image

The black tailpipes give the rear a racy look. Oval in shape, they make the new model unmistakable and are also available in carbon fibre on request. A black finish is also used on the line that runs around the edge of the interior in the standard Shadow Line trim. The burnished finish on the rear light assemblies is another distinguishing feature.


The new Rosso Trionfale colour emphasises the personality of the bodywork

Painstakingly designed in every detail to express power and speed, the GranCabrio Sport comes in a colour that underlines its personality: Rosso Trionfale, inspired by the national colours used by Maserati racing cars in the 50’s. The addition of the generously sized 20-inch Astro Design rims gives the car an even more aggressive, dynamic character: they are available in two shades, Silver and Grigio Antracite, a finish with a striking metallic effect.


Rosso Trionfale, inspired by the national colours used by Maserati racing cars in the 50’s.