GranCabrio - Exteriors

Dynamic, elegant forms for an exclusive, versatile four-seater convertible

When passion meets freedom the outcome is inevitably unique: as the brand’s first convertible to seat four in comfort, the Maserati GranCabrio is the start of a major new chapter in its history. Inspired by the example of the GranTurismo, a perfect blend of modernity, sensuality and passion, the car’s profile is dynamic yet elegant.

A convertible is only a real Maserati if it has a fabric soft-top

The most distinctive feature of the exterior is the fabric soft-top: a highly sophisticated stylistic and technological choice which ensures that the Maserati convertible is firmly in keeping with tradition. Thanks to the carefully selected materials, the soft-top and its operating system make no significant difference to the weight of the car despite the large sizes needed to cover such a roomy interior.


Not a coupé but a convertible

With the top on, the non-existent rear upright is recreated by the elegant forward-sloping design of the soft-top, which gives the GranCabrio the look of a splendid coupé. Keeping on towards the rear of the car, the triangular light assemblies comprising 96 LED lights and the large aerodynamic diffuser further underline its dynamic spirit, also conveyed by the 20” rims that recall the Maserati logo.

Change your point of view

Once the top is down, the Maserati GranCabrio is transformed into a stunning convertible, a paragon of feline power and grace: the dynamism of the side view is accentuated by the short overhangs and the long engine hood with the familiar “V” ridge, reaching forward to the radiator grille. It is a spectacular line, created thanks also to in-depth aerodynamic research to limit the turbulence typically associated with convertibles.

A masterpiece of style supplemented with chrome-plated trims

In the standard Chrome Line version, the side features a number of chrome-plated details that make the exterior more luminous. First and foremost, the exquisite unbroken line that defines the edge of the interior and incorporates the third brake light at the rear seems to delight in framing this stylistic masterpiece. There is also chrome on the door handles and radiator grille.