GranCabrio - Interiors

A unique interior, ideal for sharing the thrill of open-top motoring

The Maserati GranCabrio’s unique spirit is also visible in the interior: those privileged to enter this fine car, whether as driver or passenger, enjoy an exclusive mix of elegance, craftsmanship, racing style and comfort. The interior is far larger than the category average, and offers outstanding comfort for four adults in an elegant, luxurious atmosphere.

The dashboard features an ornamental “V” motif, a clear Maserati identifier

 The interior is divided longitudinally by the central tunnel which distributes the available space between the occupants. The horizontal band of the dashboard features an ornamental “V” motif. The controls are all close to hand making the driver feel he is in complete control: the dynamic functions are controlled by the driving side buttons, with steering-wheel buttons for the key multimedia commands.

Materials good to look at and touch, for a personal, intimate environment

The tradition and handmade care that give form and substance to the GranCabrio’s look and contents are crucial to the production of its interiors, good to both look at and touch thanks to the use of exquisite materials. The leather upholstery is handmade by Poltrona Frau®, while there is a choice of various types of fine wood for the decorative features of the dashboard and the door/rear side panels.

Driving a convertible is a style statement, so details count

In the middle of the dashboard, the 7” screen of the Maserati Multimedia System is placed high up for better visibility. The attention to detail is also obvious in many other features: the thin chrome-plated ring around the dashboard and steering-wheel buttons, the Trident logo hand-embossed on the seat headrests, or the Alcantara® finish on the rear of the gear shift paddles, and the exquisite stitching on the front and rear armrests.

The climate control system delivers maximum comfort with the top up or down

The climate control system has been fine tuned to offer maximum environmental comfort whether the top is up or down; the system recognises how the car is being used and automatically reprograms its air output to maintain the temperature settings. The on-board comfort level is also increased by the canvas soft-top, in three layers for excellent soundproofing.