GranCabrio - Personalization

A personalization program like no other for a tailor-made car

Maserati cars have a personalization program like no other to enable every customer to tailor their car as they see fit. A level of exclusiveness that is a source of pride for a small firm, capable of dedicating painstaking care and attention to every single car produced, guaranteeing its customers a greater variety of options than its competitors.


Original colour combinations

The GranCabrio can be personalized even further with the use of a fabric soft-top, available in six colours, and the introduction of two new colour options for the Poltrona Frau® leather. The Pearl Beige and Blu Profondità shades, available as part of the Maserati product range for the first time, have been developed to provide elegant, attractive combinations with the exterior colours and soft-top.


The exterior chrome-plating can be replaced with the Shadow Line trim

The optional Shadow Line trim gives the GranCabrio’s exterior a more aggressive look, with a number of items in black instead of chrome-plating. These include the radiator grille fillets, the three signature air vents behind the front wheel, the exhaust tailpipes and the line that runs around the interior, while the front light assemblies receive a striking matt black finish.

Choice wood in the purest Italian automotive tradition

The mouldings of the dashboard, door panels and rear side panels are available in the new colours Dark Chrome, which combines anthracite grey with warm tones, or EcoChrome, a colour which evokes the glow of molten metal. As optionals, the customer can choose from two lacquered colours, Blu Laque or Black Piano, or four luxury woods: Rosewood, Burr Walnut, Polished Wengé or Padouk.

The carpet rims and the brake calipers: details that make all the difference

On a car like this it is the details, however small, that make the difference. So even the carpets can be customised by choosing the colour of the rims from a selection of no less than seven shades: black, blue, bordeaux, grey, brown, red and sand. And when it comes to mechanical components, there are two colours available for the three types of wheel (Silver or Grigio Mercury) and eight brake caliper shades.