GranTurismo - Exteriors

A powerful, elegant body, moulded onto the mechanics with majestic expertise

The Maserati GranTurismo succeeds in combining unrivalled class and elegance with uncompromising sports performance like no other four-seater car. The external lines exude dynamic tension and sporting prowess from every vantage point: starting from the large oval mouth that surrounds the radiator grille, the bodywork seems to hug the car’s mechanical structure all the way to the rear, like a tight dress over curvaceous hips.


Sporty character combined with space, thanks to the expertise of Pininfarina

Pininfarina has styled the most elegant and sensual of outer garments around the underlying concept of the GranTurismo: sports car character with space, for everyone on board. Inspired by the Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car, the exterior appears muscular, with a natural fluidity that starts at the front grille and extends all the way along the sides to the tail lights.

The front features a long engine hood that culminates in the oval grille

The GranTurismo's powerful, dynamic front end culminates in the oval radiator grille and new horizontal headlights: with LED day lights, they blend perfectly into the fenders. The long bonnet, with its classic “V” shape, has three air intakes on each side in classic Maserati style, which lighten the nose section and create an overall image of dynamism and verve.

Since that first GranTurismo, Maserati cars have stood out for their unmistakable lines and sumptuous interiors, capable of combining futuristic designs with an unexpectedly practical side.

New, more pronounced miniskirts convey air flows toward the rear axle

The new, more pronounced yet discreetly styled miniskirts add to the dynamism of the side of the car and convey aerodynamic flows towards the rear axle. This stunning design, in which careful attention is paid to the smallest of details, is the outcome of lengthy, meticulous analysis in the wind tunnel, a key phase in the car’s development.

Sporty character and high-tech soul enhanced by all-LED rear lights

Moving towards the back of the car, the rear pillar carries the oval Maserati logo known as the “Saetta”, while its sporty temperament and high-tech soul are enhanced by the aerodynamic diffuser that opens out in the bottom of the bumper and the modern, triangular rear light assembly comprising 96 LED lights, which provide brighter light than conventional light bulbs, last longer and use less electricity.