GranTurismo MC Stradale - Personalization

Tailoring the MC Stradale to your taste is just as thrilling as driving it

Nothing can be compared to the symbiosis created between a driver and his racing car: the GranTurismo MC Stradale, with its strong links to the world competition, embraces this philosophy by enabling every area of the car to be customised to individual tastes and requirements. The wide selection of details, colours and materials make every car truly unique, the genuine expression of its driver’s personality.

MC Sport Line personalizations

The specific MC Sport Line personalization packages for the GranTurismo MC Stradale are designed to underline the car’s racing soul on different levels, through lavish use of carbon fibre both inside and out: in both cases, the features available have been developed in the racing world and epitomise the impressive know-how of the Maserati Corse staff.

Fibre shaped by the wind

The MC Sport Line personalizations for the exterior can be completed with a package that comprising fibre rear spoiler, door handles and rear-view mirror casings, to which 20” shiny black Neptune Design wheel rims can also be added. Last but not least, for an even more sporty look the carbon fibre of the engine hood, coloured to match the bodywork as standard, can be left bare.

High-tech carbon finishes

Options for the interior include the use of carbon fibre for the door sill - sporting the MC Sport Line logo -, for the central console, the electro-actuated gear shift paddles, the instrument panel surround, the rear shell of the front seats, the steering wheel covering and the panel mouldings. Completing the racing package are MC Design pedals in perforated aluminium.