GranTurismo Sport - Exteriors

The new frontier in GT car design, a combination of elegance and passion

Seeing the GranTurismo Sport in the flesh will get your heart racing. Thanks to its balanced and seductive design, its parent car, the GranTurismo, has been universally acclaimed as one of the most stylish coupés of all time. The Maserati Style Centre has now fine-tuned a few of its details to produce an even more elegant sporty personality that will delight enthusiasts.

The nose features sinuous air intakes with an aerodynamic purpose

The nose is the first part of the car to grab the attention: either side of the traditional Maserati oval radiator grille are two innovative large air intakes which not only improve the air flow and the cooling of the front brakes, but also act as a stylistic junction between the central grille and the new light assemblies. There is also a new aerodynamic splitter lower down in the centre.


Pronounced miniskirts convey air flows toward the rear

On the sides of the car, the pronounced miniskirts are available in black on request and emphasise the exceptionally dynamic lines while also playing an important aerodynamic role. The outcome of a specific wind-tunnel design project, they have the crucial task of conveying the flow of air to the rear wheels in the most efficient manner possible: an example of form serving function.

The GranTurismo Sport’s silhouette starts from the famous Maserati oval radiator grille: it couldn’t be any other way, as essential as the large Trident logo with red trims suspended in the centre of the grille’s black vertical fillets.

The car is immediately recognisable thanks to the Shadow Line trim

At the rear of the car a number of details make the car instantly recognisable: first to catch the eye is the newly-designed tail light assembly with a special burnished finish which accentuates the effect of the 96 LEDs, while the oval exhaust tailpipes are black as per the standard Shadow Line trim. The Chrome Line option, with its wealth of elegant chrome-plated finishes, is available on request.

The special metallescent Blu Sofisticato finish underlines the exterior forms

The rhythm, force and movement of the GranTurismo Sport are exalted by the innovative metallescent Blu Sofisticato finish, a colour which makes the bodywork even more alluring. Last but not least, the large 20-inch Astro Design rims offer a good view of the Brembo brake calipers, also available in the absolutely original Blu Opaco Anodizzato (anodised matt blue) finish which once again highlights the car’s sporty personality.