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Maseratis in Argentina: Just One Step Away from a Sweeping Victory


The last round of the championship, scheduled for this weekend in the San Luis, Argentina, circuit --which once again appears in the racing calendar after its debut in 2008-- will decide the winners of the 2010 FIA GT1 World Championship.

After Bernoldi/Negrao's splendid victory of in their home country of Brazil with Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12 no. 2, the Trident carmaker will be present the last round at the top of all three categories (drivers, teams and carmakers), ready to reap a sweeping triple victory.
With Vitaphone Racing Team's Maserati MC12 no. 1, Bartels/Bertolini can hope to make full use of that 28-point advantage over their closest contenders, Turner/Enge with the Aston Martin, in the Drivers Classification standings. The Aston Martin was able to overtake Mutsch's Ford, who did not score any points in the last two rounds.

The weekend in Argentina will offer a chance to get further points from both the Qualifying Race and the Championship Race and the outcome of the World Championship will emerge from the result of these races. Chances are particularly good for Bartels/Bertolini, as the two Maserati drivers participating in the San Luis races have finally lost all 40 kilos of "success ballast" their car had to lug around in the winding Interlagos racetrack.

Vitaphone Racing Team has a 47-point advantage over its closest contenders in the Teams Classification, while Maserati has a 14-point advantage over its contenders in the Car Makers Classification.
Victory is there for the taking: a sweeping victory in Argentina to close the Trident's fantastic season.

Racing timetable (local time):

Qualifying Practices: Saturday 4 December, 5:15 pm- 6:15 pm
Qualifying Race: Sunday 5 December 9:15 am -10:15 am
Championship Race: Sunday 5 December 1:25 pm -2:25 pm