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Ermanno Cozza: sixty years with Maserati

Can you imagine a world without television, computers, email or internet, where all you have for company is a radio, a bicycle and hunger pangs? Now such a world seems unthinkable but Italy, in 1951, was like this.

This was the year that the Festival of San Remo was first held, with the title going to ex-Ducati worker Nilla Pizzi with the song 'Grazie dei Fiori'. Film, in an era when cinemas were important places of congregation, showed Italian neo-realist pieces like Vittorio de Sica's 'Miracolo a Milano', the winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival. The so-called 'Italian miracle' was just around the corner but, in Modena, Maserati was already producing jewels like the Type A6G/2000 Gran Turismo and the A6GCM single-seater.

Maserati was already legendary.

Being eighteen years of age in the early-1950s meant having grown up through the war and having to make do with very little. Having a good job was what everyone wanted. This is the thought that occupied Ermanno Cozza's mind at 7.30 on 28 September 1951 when he showed up at the gates of Maserati for his first day of work. An apprentice fitter, he was assigned punch card No.36. With a pat on the back from Commendator Orsi, he was welcomed with the words: "Behave well and you'll be happy here". Back then, human resources was not something that was studied but some bosses just had it in their blood. It goes without saying that Cozza behaved well. His passion for engines, born in 1943 when he first began fiddling with one of his neighbour's Moto Guzzis, was fuelled by the sporting prowess displayed by Maserati. This was an age when the Mille Miglia was run under its original guise and, a few years later, the reparto corse began working on the formidable 250F.
Sundays and public holidays were spent at Maserati but young Cozza was happy anyway. Sixty years have since gone by and there have been many highs and lows along the way but Ermanno Cozza is still happy. He retired years ago but still plays an active consultancy role for Maserati Classiche.
We would like to thank him for his precious work at Maserati and wish him all the best. We hope he will continue being part of the Maserati family for a long time to come.