Parts Department

Genuine Maserati Replacement Glass

Using Maserati replacement glass helps ensure that the safety and quality designed into the structural integrity of your vehicle is maintained.

Advantages of OEM Replacement Glass

  • Proper fitment, visual clarity, windshield wiper performance, and overall integrity of your vehicle
  • Solar coatings provide integrated UV protection and heat load reduction. This technology optimizes air conditioning performance and can improve fuel economy.
  • Maserati glass and attached moldings have been tested for UV, chemical, temperature, tear and abrasion resistance. Aftermarket products are often made with materials that do not meet these standards.
  • Includes acoustic dampening technologies within its layering, thereby reducing wind, road, and engine noise in your cabin
  • Maserati glass often features components including rain sensors, antennae, and heating elements configured explicitly to your vehicle’s complex electronics systems that come integrated with the genuine part and require calibration to ensure proper working condition