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Indoor Car Cover

The Indoor Car Cover, specially-designed for the Levante, traces the muscular lines of the car body, enveloping and protecting it to perfection. Made-to-measure using a quality anti-laddering Maserati blue fabric, the cover is finished with contrasting light-grey details which further bring out the distinctiveness of the vehicle lines.

Outdoor Car Cover

The Outdoor Car Cover optimally protects the vehicle against dust, scratches and the effects of the weather. The use of high-performance fabric makes the cover waterproof, breathable and stretchable: this eliminates the wind effects Care and Protection 10 and provides a perfect fit under any conditions. The cover comes in a light-grey colour and is branded with Maserati blue details which highlight the muscular lines of the car.

Battery Charger & Conditioner

A compact and user friendly device, the Battery Charger and Conditioner keeps the charge level of your car battery always in optimal condition, between 95 and 100%, and charges it when required. The device does not need to be programmed: just connect the car battery to a standard power socket, and you may leave it connected for several months without any risk of damage to the vehicle.