Title page - Service Department

No one knows Maserati better than the professional service advisors and technicians at Maserati of Charleston, and no one provides a better service experience. Our extensive experience and advanced diagnostic tools allow us to provide the best possible service.

While we operate on your vehicle you can relax in our comfortable lounge area and take advantage of all the comforts that we have on offer. We have gourmet coffee, a wide assortment of beverages, pastries from Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery, Wi-Fi, and television so that you can relax or work comfortably. We also offer transportation services including complimentary loaner vehicles and valet service. Since you bought a Maserati, we know that your comfort is very important to you and that is why we strive to make you as comfortable as possible.


For short visits, our clients enjoy multiple client lounges featuring elegant settings, comfortable furniture, courtesy Wi-Fi, and guest computers.


Guests are offered chilled bottled water, gourmet coffee, and pastries.


For lengthier service visits, we offer (by appointment) transportation options such as Complimentary Shuttle Service and Complimentary Loaner Vehicles.


We perform a complimentary Car Wash after every service visit. This includes a pre-wash, automatic car wash, hand drying, wheel cleaning, and vacuuming of the floor mats. Upgraded detailing options such as Waxing, Compound Buffing, Carpet Shampoo, Leather Conditioning are also available


Every day, highly-qualified trainers deliver technical and non-technical content in our global training centers. Using qualification programs specially developed by Maserati for workshop and service staff. And using the experience and knowledge gained from years of sports car development.


Service Professionals at Maserati or Charleston are trained and certified by Maserati and receive ongoing education to ensure our expertise with Maserati vehicles. We use Genuine Maserati OEM Parts, which keep your vehicle original, and preserve the nation-wide Maserati new-vehicle warranty, roadside assistance, and trip interruption benefits. All this helps us to do the job right the 1st time; ultimately saving you time and effort.


Any technician is only as good as their tools. That's why Maserati dealers use highly specialized technology. Such as the diagnostics tester for reading and deleting the error memory. The brake disc tester for detecting the degree of wear and tear on the ceramic brake discs. Or the high-voltage test adapter for manually checking that no voltage is present on high-voltage vehicles.


Genuine Maserati Parts ensure that your original remains just that. Especially after repair or maintenance. Maserati spare and replacement parts are optimally tailored to your vehicle and meet Maserati high quality standards. This applies to safety-related spare parts, such as brake discs, and to items such as body panels. For maximum safety, reliability and value retention.