La Martina

Maserati and La Martina: when icons meet their match

United by their shared passion for excellence and elegance, Maserati and La Martina forged an ongoing creative partnership in 2011. Over the past three years, the flair and savoir-faire of both houses have resulted in the peerless La Martina for Maserati capsule collection, showcasing the very best in luxury polo-inspired attire.

If football is the ‘beautiful game’, polo could be called the graceful game: the ultimate test of skill and passion, as well as speed and strength. Polo is also synonymous with the La Martina brand, a bastion of Argentine finesse on a global scale. Originally famed for their polo equipment alone, La Martina is now equally renowned as a purveyor of high-quality casual clothing and accessories.

The prestigious collaboration between Maserati and La Martina continues apace this year, with innovations and events to mark one hundred years of the House of the Trident. As a tribute to this milestone, unique commemorative pieces have been added to the collection and five international polo tournaments are spreading the celebrations across three continents.

Celebrating in style: the Centennial Special Edition


Maserati and La Martina were proud to unveil their Centennial Special Edition at the 86th Pitti Immagine Uomo, Italy’s premier luxury fashion event. Comprising five distinctive polo designs, this collection reflects the very highest standards of craftsmanship, in keeping with La Martina tradition. Each individual style embodies one of the locations for the Maserati Centennial Polo Tour, offering classic design motifs paired with soft and aerodynamic fabrics.


Just as playing polo or driving an elite car are a thrill for all of the senses, Maserati and La Martina have complemented their collection with the Centennial Polo Tour fragrance.


Five tournaments, one hundred years in the making

For the 2014/2015 season, Maserati and La Martina are taking the polo world by storm with a series of five international tournaments. Matches are being held at prestigious venues in Monte Carlo, Palm Beach, Tianjin, London and Dubai to mark the Maserati Centenary, uniting both sports lovers and connoisseurs of luxury automobiles.

Every race has a winner, so Maserati and La Martina have chosen to recognise one player with the Maserati Centennial Award. This accolade will be bestowed upon the individual with the best performance across all five tournaments. Naturally, this person will embody the signature drive to succeed that defines these two aspirational brands.


La Martina