Maserati and Venchi prove life is sweet

There can be no doubt that driving a Maserati awakens the senses, serenading the eardrums with the iconic sound of its engines and caressing the skin with the luxury feel of its leather upholstery. Now a partnership with artisan chocolate brand Venchi promises to add an indulgent taste sensation to the Maserati experience. Master chocolatiers since 1878, Venchi is renowned for elevating the traditional flavours of the Piedmont region to exquisite new heights. This wealth of savoir-faire led to the exceptional Centennial Chocolate Collection, devised to mark 100 years of the House of the Trident.

An illustrious creative heritage

Many parallels exist between the Maserati and Venchi stories. Both owe part of their success to their founders: individuals with boundless reserves of passion, vision and drive. They also share an unwavering commitment to high-quality materials and authentic craftsmanship, coupled with an endless thirst for innovation. For Venchi, this has meant guarding time-honoured techniques and recipes while embracing the modern world; the same principle sees Maserati champion artisanal Italian expertise alongside cutting-edge engine technology and aerodynamics.

The sweetest tribute to one hundred years of Maserati

Venchi’s exclusive Centennial Chocolate Collection will be available through Maserati dealers and at special events hosted by the House. Each indulgent selection features medallions emblazoned with the Maserati Trident, as well as individual salted and Cremino chocolates. In keeping with tradition, these treats have been carefully crafted to showcase the rich flavours of Italy and the Mediterranean, from Piedmont hazelnut to Sicilian salt. Decadent Amazon cocoa blends provide a backdrop for these iconic taste sensations: enough to melt the heart of any chocolate lover and set the tone for an opulent driving experience.